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Lil Zippy Metallic Gold Fabric Flat Zipper Pocket

Lil Zippy Metallic Gold Fabric Flat Zipper Pocket


The Flat Zipper Pocket (the Zippy) can be tied at the waist, worn crossbody, or whichever way feels best to you!  Unlike the fanny pack or belt bag, the Zippy's unique fabric ties and simple flat design compliment every shape and size without adding bulk. Exactly what we all want! Every season we hand select the perfect colours for just the right outfit pairing and you can always rely on the divider and card pocket to provide protection for your devices, cards, cash, and more.


    Think of the Zippy as an extra pocket. The lightweight poly fabric lies flat and can be tied to suit the wearer.

    The Lil Zippy is approx: 9" L x 6" W x 0.5" H

    The ties are approx: 60" L


    We are happy to refund orders within 30 days of purchase. Please let us know how we can make it right! Conditions apply.


    Shipping rates apply. We ship orders between 1-3 days from receipt. Your Zippy will be on it's way to you asap!

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