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Materials Library


We work with retail stores to create EXCLUSIVE custom designs. By sourcing locally & globally we're able to provide the best quality & value.

Explore our gallery of items & materials library to illustrate the limitless possibilities!


All of the items created at KIKS have a story.

Our Glassware is hand-blown by artisans, making each piece unique and individual.

Our Pottery is made with recycled clay that has (naturally) coloured powder added before firing.  This creates a consistent colour throughout and an organic matte finish with a velvety touch & feel.  We add clear gloss glaze on the inside to add visual interest & that shine we love!  

Our Candles are hand-poured into our handmade artisanal vessels. We use renewable soy wax, for the cleanest smoke-free burn. We only use natural cotton or wood wicks in our special wax blend; providing a slow, clean burn time, that is nearly twice as long as other candles.  Most importantly, we source our luxury essential oils from European fragrance houses where we spend time sniffing & concocting!


100% recycled glassware, leather and terracotta are some of our favourite materials to use at KIKS!

A little bit of trivia… glass can be recycled repeatedly without down-cycling AND crushed glass (cullet) melts at a lower temperature than new glass.  This requires less energy and emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions during production.

Our recycled leather is sourced from the surplus production of vegetable-tanned leather from furniture, bags, and shoes. The leather is then mixed with 20% natural rubber from trees and creates a durable and dirt-resistant material perfect for regular use. 


We use natural sustainable materials such as; Terracotta Clay, Acacia Wood, Cork Bark & Bamboo Grass whenever possible! All of these exceptional materials replenish nearly as fast as we can consume them... so they are easy on the eyes and on our planet! 

In Italian, “terracotta” means “baked earth”.  Terracotta is simply heat-treated clay and does not include any harmful chemicals or elements. AND... When the piece has served it's purpose... our global partners return the broken pieces to the earth for future terracotta production. 

Full circle sustainability!

When an acacia tree is cut or bamboo is harvested, more are planted in its place.

When the cork bark is pulled off the tree, absolutely none of it goes to waste.

In fact, 90% of the energy used in our manufacturing is made from burning the cork & bark dust, a byproduct of production!!! 

So, from an environmental standpoint, we can all breathe a little easier… literally!

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