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Kendra Iden & Kurt Smook
KIKS Co. design is truly dynamic
Positive in attitude and full of energy!
Effective, expressive, and ever-evolving. 
We create it all; from vases, dinnerware, pottery, and candles...
to custom graphics, special events, and complete interior renovations.
As we create, we will share our story with you! 
Meet our team below.

There's no shortage of ideas among this bunch! 


Kendra Iden


Kendra Iden is the founder of KIKS. She has been designing custom home décor collections for some of the largest retailers in the US & Canada since 2009. 


She began her first successful company at the age of nineteen, in Sydney, Australia.  After she sold her shares, she used the funds to travel the world and pursue a design education and career.  She went on to become a qualified interior designer and has since been leading design teams in a wide range of creative projects; from interiors to product development. 

Kendra has a deep passion for all aspects of design and a keen eye for commercialization.  She brings with her valuable global relationships, and strong retail connections. 


Kurt Smook


Kurt Smook is a partner at KIKS.  He has been in management and finance for over twenty-four years.  His background includes operations, accounting, and valuation services.  With an MBA, he began his professional career as an accountant for a non-profit organization.  He then went on to direct operations for one of the largest firms in South Africa before immigrating to the US.

In recent years, he has gained broad portfolio diversification as a shareholder and advisor in multiple property developments both in the US and overseas.  Kurt brings operational expertise and financial direction to the leadership team. 

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Kristen Sharkie


Kristen is the founder and creative director at Dear Design; a boutique interior, wedding and event design firm in Melbourne, Australia.
She began her career designing special events and weddings for some of the top planners in Australia... but her creative mind didn't stop there! 
As a self-confessed lover of all things dear and design, Kristen furthered her education and expanded into interior design; founding her own firm in the process.
Dear Design is a sister company to KIKS Co. 
Kristen and Kendra have worked together on many projects over the years.
Although they reside on different hemispheres, they collaborate daily. 
Regularly meeting in countries around the world to gather ideas and contribute toward each other's design brand.
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