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Barware | Coloured Clay Pottery | Metal | Textiles | Custom Artwork
We LOVE what we do...

We travel the world researching the latest trends in design.
We conceptualize, develop, source, and import everything ourselves.  Always searching for suppliers with new technology, quality, and value.
Once we find them, we are loyal.
To us, ethical sourcing means building long-standing partnerships.  Working together to create responsible, sustainable products, and safe, fair work environments. 

This commitment ensures our products have a purpose beyond us and the collection.  Each and every piece embodies our commitment to our customers, our suppliers, and our planet.   

Our Process

Collaboration is key!  Each season, after we've identified the latest home trends, we prepare a presentation to our clients and retailers.  We begin customizing the collection when we've merged the needs of our customers with global ideas. 
Our customers become the voice of the trends. 

We develop products specifically tailored to each customer.
This means... custom graphics, exclusive colour palettes, and unique branding.

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