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CoLAB 2022


Brainstorm& Meeting


KIKS Co. Portland, OR


April 2022

Definition: Collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose.

What are we going to do?  Have FUN!

Over the years, we have created the most incredible support network of friends and designers who share a similar passion to ours.  Why not get together and have an epic brainstorming sesh?! Complete with all the most inspiring materials for mood boards.  We definitely need it after months of isolation!

Of course, we must first design the event itself... every detail must be considered; from invitation to table! (p.s. you just happened upon one of my favourite personal taglines)

Invitation, menu, guest list, and of course MANY, MANY inspiring photos to come!

GOAL: to step outside our comfort zones, happen upon fresh ideas from unique sources, and take creativity to the next level! 
And nibble on canapes & drink champagne, of course!

What's even more exciting?!  We're planning on hosting this every SINGLE year!  Serious innovation... here we come!

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